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Assisting Brides who love being creative, plan a non cookie cutter wedding filed with personal details with organization and ease 

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Hi! I am Alison Lea, Wedding Coordinator Guru  

It is my calling to use my strengths in compassion, teaching, ingenuity and planning by connecting with creative, resourceful, and fun-loving couples who relish life through being optimistic.


 Mission Statement: to use my strengths in compassion, 

 teaching, ingenuity and planning by connecting with  creative, resourceful, and fun-loving couples who relish

 life through being optimistic.

 A Good Piece of Advice: A bride can't be the singer and 

 conduct the band at the same time meaning it is very 

 difficult for the bride to do everything on her wedding day.

 Let me  execute your dream-  providing you with peace of  mind  and security.

 Meet the coordinator

Dear Bride,

I love your shoes! In fact, I have been in your bridal shoes. I was a creative bride, from painting to hot glue gunning. The projects and possibilities seemed endless and the key to my success was being innovative through organizing, crafting, “pinning”, and budgeting. The finishing touch was utalizing wedding professionals especially having an experienced wedding coordinator. When I started wedding planning a co-worker said to me, "when you get married I will coordinate your big day;" seven years later there she was executing what I had envisioned and sending me down the aisle. I was extremely thankful for her expertise and the day would not have gone as smoothly without her.

There is nothing more exciting than connecting and collaborating with a couple during one of the happiest, most love-filled experiences of their lives. My goal is to ensure that you and your partner have peace of mind on your wedding day. I will take care of the details, timelines, and questions; therefore, you can socialize and relax with friends and family, dance, laugh, eat, and be married.
Event planning has been my passion for over ten years and I love being a business owner. I particularly enjoy assisting new brides in finding their creative voice.

Alison Lea